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We do outstanding direct online advertising through remarketing for businesses in the Wichita, KS area. We write extremely good ads that are designed from a psychological standpoint using intelligently persuasive verbiage that has real thought behind it, along with top notch remarketing ad designs that catch attention.

Remarketing is a powerful, proven method of increasing sales, trust, credibility and brand recognition. Remarketing, if done well, usually converts visitors at a conversion rate of about or over 30%.

I’ve managed massive remarketing campaigns spanning 2,000 products all with their own groups of ads down to small local businesses. In my own experience, remarketing has proven to be the lowest cost and highest return of any investment in advertising that I have seen. – Thomas J Stinson

Below are the top 4 most popular image ad sizes, they comprise the majority of all display ads on the internet. If your budget for design is limited, I would say at least create these four ads. There are a total of 16 different display ad sizes, if you have the time and can afford the design, it would be wise to get all 16 remarketing ad sizes made.

  • Image ads (the 4 most popular sizes)
    • 300×250
    • 200×200
    • 728×90
    • 160×600

Top Remarketing Banner Ad Size: Real Examples

Here are some remarketing ad designs we have done for other Wichita businesses and other national customers.
remarketing ad examples wichita

Remarketing Audience Options

It is best to have different ads for every different service.The amount of people you get to turn into sales is higher and the cost is usually less. It’s called micro-targeting. So if you are a roofing contractor that provides roofing for residential and commercial roofs, have two sets of ads that target people went landed on either residential or commercial roofing pages in your site.

The chances of regaining and retaining that customer is higher the more well targeted you make your display ads.

  • Abandoned Carts
  • Product Detail Pages
  • Thank You Page
  • Homepage (people who left within 10 seconds)
  • Jobs (target people who visited a job listing or career section)
  • Other Sites – remember to tag other websites you control as well, such as a blog, or mini-sites
  • Newsletter – you can tag your newsletter
  • Behind the Login – target current customers only if needed

Smart Remarketing For Holidays

Making remarketing campaigns or adgroups that are holiday specific also generate a lot of extra sales, and you can set it on a schedule so it turns itself on and off at specific times. So once it’s set up, you don’t have to do anything else except watch the sales come in.

  • Holiday campaigns
    • Christmas
    • Valentines
    • St Patty’s
    • 4th of July
    • Thanksgiving (Black Friday)
    • Halloween
    • Easter

Awesome Remarketing Tips

  1. 7-2pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are the best times for turning people into sales for business
  2. Wednesday afternoon at 3 is the best time for promoting an event, contest or giveaway
  3. Use a script to determine information about the customer such as male/female, and tag the page they land on after selection so you can advertise based on gender or interest
  4. Ads start appearing after a certain amount of time has passed, say week 1 or week 2

Want To Set Up Your Own Remarketing Campaign?

Here is a little help guide on setting up your own remarketing campaign.  And here is a list of all the remarketing banner ad sizes.

Need Some Remarketing For Your Wichita Business?

Check out some of our other remarketing ad designs.

remarketing banner ad designs

Here Is A Set Of The Top 7 Remarketing Banner Ads

remarketing service wichita

Example Of Remarketing Ad On Local Wichita News Website

remarketing image advertising wichita

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We’re local, we love what we do, and actually deliver real results. We do it because we love success stories.

You can get everything in life you want, if you help enough people get what they want. – Zig Ziglar