Wichita Google Map Optimization Training

Want to know how to rank yourself in Google Maps, the local top 3 map listings which is called the Local 3 Pack?

I’ve been doing Google Map Ranking and Optimization since the beginning, when map listings first started coming out. I built the #1 SEO company in Scottsdale, AZ and then Wichita, KS and now do online SEO, PPC and local 3 pack map optimization or private training for businesses in Wichita. – Thomas Stinson

If you give a man a fish he eats for a day. If you teach him how to fish he eats for a lifetime. – CHINESE PROVERB

Local 3 Pack Optimization For Business Owners

In one 3 hour private session with Thomas Stinson, you will receive…

  • An EASY customized guide & checklist on how to rank your specific business in Maps
  • Insider trade secrets on how the map ranking algorithm actually works (you can’t learn this anywhere except through years of trial and error)
  • Knowledge on how to rise above long-time existing competition in only 1-3 months
  • Know how to optimize your listing for maximum results in lead generation and ranking
  • Know how to rank for multiple locations without damaging yourself or getting suspended (chain stores)
  • The ability to do it yourself without any further instruction or guidance

Local 3 Pack SEO For SEO & Marketing Agencies or Owners

Want to enhance your skill and knowledge on how to get map rank results for your customers and clients? I can teach you. Google maps is the lowest hanging fruit for generating leads right now. Get results for your clients fast or give a big compliment to your existing marketing strategies.

  • See the best software for managing multiple locations and clients
  • Know how to rank clients faster than the competition
  • Learn trade secrets on how the map ranking algorithm actually works and ranks map listings
  • Walk away with the best list for ranking a business particularly in the Wichita

See Real Google Map Rank Results Below

The below screenshots are real statistics on small businesses and one multiple location business after 1-3 months of local map optimization. You can see the difference. Wether you are doing it for yourself or for your clients, it really works.


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How Much Does Local Map Optimization Training Cost?

Real simple pricing.  Private sessions are about 3-4 hours for business owners and about 2-3 hours for people already in the field of SEO and Map Ranking or Marketing.

This investment has a fast payoff. Just during the first session for a small business owner, we’ll be able to either make changes on the spot or know enough to generate new leads or increase the quality and quantity of existing leads from a map listing that will leave very noticeable differences in traffic and rank. Save yourself years of trial and error and rise quickly above the competition for an extremely inexpensive private class.

Business Owners

$400one time fee
  • Call: (316) 247-1923

SEO Agencies

$350one time fee
  • Call: (316) 247-1923

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