What Is A Business Citation?

The business citation is simply a mention of your website name address and phone number on the Internet somewhere.

The more times your name and address and phone numberAre mentioned in business directories and blogs and other websites and they match exactly what you have in your Google maps or your bing maps or on your own website the more credibility your business is given for map ranking and organic ranking.

So that’s what a citation is. It’s simply a mention of your name, address and phone number; also called NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number).

You have to get citations in order to get a higher map listing and that’s what helps you get ranked in the local 3 pack, which is actually the top three listings that show when someone does a search for a local service based business.

Note: Just make sure every business listing and mention of your business online, exactly matches what is in Google Maps, and make sure the information is totally accurate and not going to change any time soon.