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We do website page load speed optimization for businesses in the Wichita area (and anywhere really).

  1. Do a search on your website using this tool: Google Page Speed Insights
  2. If the score is below 90% on mobile or desktop, you’re likely losing business from it
  3. 1 second of load speed on a website is estimated to be an 11% in customers who stay instead of leave (called bounce rate)
  4. 11% bounce rate has been estimated to be about 2% in sales
  5. So for every 1 second of time it takes people to load your website, you are potentially losing an average of 2% in sales

We can guarantee a page load speed score of 90% or above or you don’t have to pay anything.

How Do You Optimize A Website For Faster Page Speed?

Your website actually loads code in an order, re-ordering the code and minimizing the information, re-optimizing and minimizing the images, can make a major difference in load speed. It’s called optimizing the Critical Rendering Path.

People Are Impatient & Don’t Like To Wait

Ever notice that in a movie the screen changes every 4 seconds? Probably not, but that is the attention span of the average person, and it’s getting shorter.  If a page takes more than 4 seconds to load, people will likely abandon their interest in your website and not come back. You are in short, giving business to your competitors by having a slow loading website.

In 2006, Amazon reported that a 100-millisecond increase in page speed translated to a 1% increase in its revenue.

Chance Of Not Ranking In Mobile Searches

Did you know that if your website fails the mobile site speed test by Google that you are likely to not even be ranked in mobile searches? Mobile searches are now almost 50% of all searches and purchases done on the internet.

You could actually be #1 in a search for desktop and be #18 on mobile devices, or not at all. Not to mention page load speed is an SEO factor.

Page Load Speed Conversion Rate Charts

In an article written by Forbes.com on page load speed, they show these two charts from Gomez.com, that show conversion rates of visitors based on page load times. See the difference?

page load speed optimization wichita page load speed optimization wichita

Page load speed is a big deal, not just because it is an SEO factor but it’s a conversion rate factor.

  • By improving the site load speed by 1 second from optimizing the critical rendering path, we may be able to improve the bounce rate by 11%.
  • If bounce rate is improved by 11% from 1 second difference in page load speed, that is an average of 2% in sales.

Sites must have a minimum score of about 80 for desktop users and mobile users, you can use Google Page Speed Insights tool to determine the page speed of a website. Below is a guide and some tips and trick on how to manage and optimize page speed for a website.

Real Page Speed Studies Done By Large Companies

According to Radware, a one second delay
in page load time equals a 7% loss in conversions,
11% fewer page views.

Webperformance Today found that for every 1 second of speed improvement,
Walmart.com experienced a 2% jump in conversions.


Rand Fishkin – Head of The World’s Leading SEO & CRO Community

Rand Fishkin, the owner of SEOmoz, the world’s leading authority on SEO and industry leader for CRO, stated publicly that reducing page speed load time is a top ranking factor, as well as usability.

Not everyone uses a fast computer on a great connection. Companies will overlook this  fact because they are generally accessing the site from the company network, or on a fast computer or phone with the site already loaded in the cache.

“If a page can’t be loaded at all by a certain percentage of the customers, I would call that a pretty big usability problem.” – Thomas Stinson


https://www.udacity.com/course/website-performance-optimization–ud884 – free online course from Udacity (sponsored by google), this is one of the best online educational classrooms, and most of the beginner classes are free.

Website Performance Overview From Godaddy Console

This is what the page speed should look like. This is an example from Godaddy’s page speed and website performance control panel. It’s very accurate and Godaddy is the best hosting company out there.
website speed optimization

Need Help Optimizing Your Page Load Speed?

We are a Wichita page speed expert company. It doesn’t matter where you are or how big the company is, from an international e-commerce store with 100 stores online to just a small local business, it can make a difference.

  • It takes about 7 days for a small local business website
  • Massive e-commerce websites can take about 30 days
  • GUARANTEE: We guarantee a page load speed score of 90% or above


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