The Real Life Horror Of Hiring A Bad SEO & Design Company

Just this morning I saw something that sparked a tiny rage in me, so I am blogging about it.

I worked for two years for a large Health Center (that I am not going to name) in a major metropolis area. It took two years and about $26,000 of investment money on their part (which was a great deal) to get ranked #1 for keywords like…

  • weight loss
  • botox
  • testosterone
  • chiropractor
  • hormone therapy
  • acupuncture
  • etc..

After 300+ blog articles on health and nutrition and fitness, the website generated over 44,000 visitors per year and over 1,000 new customers per year.

Tragic Struck: All Gone In A Week

Just recently, since I am still attached to the analytics, I saw a giant fall in traffic. I go to the website out of curiosity and they have bought into some cheesy app that claims to ‘improve mobile conversions’ that connects to the website and revamps it to supposedly be ‘mobile friendly’.

And look, it’s not even mobile friendly….

I could have almost cried. I spent two years ranking this medical center and got them 44,000 visitors per year and probably well over $1M in additional residual revenue that would have lasted for years to come and it’s all gone almost OVERNIGHT.

Below You Can See The Traffic Loss In Google Analytics

seo traffic loss from redesign

The ex-client was getting 1,000+ visitors per week, and in one month, is down to less than 50.

Once It’s Gone & Changed For Two Weeks It’s Not Recoverable

Google has a little grace period where a mistake can be fixed, but after a certain amount of time a change is considered permanent. the design could come back, and you might need a tool like the Way Back Machine.

Inexperienced Designer or SEO Freelancer & Company Horror Stories

Story of the Cowboy Equestrian Store

My friend Chuck lost his entire web business due to a redesign. He was making $6,000+ a month working from home doing drop shipping for cowboy gear, had a nice website and a large web presence. All gone in two weeks when he hired a bad web designer who not only made a worse design, but change ALL the URL’s in the website, rendering his cowboy online empire that took him years to achieve, dead. He had to get a job at LOWE’S in customer service in the 3rd month just to make his bills. It’s been 3 years and he is STILL rebuilding his empire and not where he used to be.

Story of the Pajama Store

I did work for a major e-commerce pajama store. They also hired a company with a big promise that knew nothing about SEO. Convinced the owner to switch to Magento from WordPress and promised a better design. The design was worse AND they changed ALL the URL’s in the website, and the content and layout, with NO SEO tags. The owner had a big warehouse, employees doing the shipping, a personal mansion and multiple cars, he was personally grossing around $30,000 a month and in one month after the redesign his Google PPC campaign (that generated over $20,000 in sales each month alone) flopped due to the URL’s all changed with no redirects and ALL his website traffic was gone. He lost over 90% of his business, had to lay people off and ask his PARENTS for help.

Story of the Supplements Store

Another acquaintance, was also making $30,000+ per month in personal income doing drop shipping for supplements online. Got a redesign, they eFFFed it up big time, made it live and in one month the owner’s personal income went from $30,000 to $10,000. He was devastated and there was no retrieving it. What took years to build was gone in a month, and it would take years to rebuild.


When I worked at, I saw this all the time. Poor business owners having no idea what has happened calling everyone, including their hosting company, to figure out what the heck happened. It’s sad.

Long Story Short

Be careful who you let handle your business. Check references, verify certificates and seals or credibility, look up reviews on the company or person. Call their own clients. If you are investing $5,000 or more in a redesign, you can’t afford not to do a little investigation, don’t go with someone just because you know them personally and they ‘seem like a nice person’.

Anyone Else Have A Similar Experience?

If you have had a similar experience I would love to hear it. Email me or comment on the blog comment area below.