PPC Advertising For Wichita Businesses

Located in Channelside, we do online PPC advertising for Wichita businesses through Adwords and Bing advertising.  We’re a small local based business that does high quality, no-stones-unturned PPC ads and campaigns. Our campaigns get a high rate of return with low costs. We’ve managed accounts ranging in spend from just $2k to $2M.

  • Massive E-Commerce Advertising
  • Chain Store PPC Campaigns
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Google Analytics Split Testing
  • Lead, Goal & Conversion Tracking
  • Custom Personal Reporting

PPC Advertising Costs & 100% Performance Guarantee – (316) 247-1923

We will review your current situation. If we see great room for improvement, we may charge a % of the money we can save you. If we see room for major expansion, we may charge for our time. Here are the options…

  • Charge based on a % of the money we save you in optimizing your campaign (you can’t lose)
  • Charge for hourly time if it’s small adjustments (guaranteed to improve your campaign performance or your money back)
  • Charge a set monthly maintenance fee

After one session, it’s free, you will have your eyes opened on what else is possible after a short review of your existing campaign.

What Our PPC Optimization Can Do

  • Reduce or greatly reduce cost in spending with the same or better amount of leads
  • Increase the quality of the leads through intelligent wordsmith psychology and writing tactics
  • Target the right market, reduce sales process time and sales rep call times

View PPC & SEO Results From Wichita Businesses

What Is PPC Advertising?

Paper click advertising is where you actually pay for every click that you get to your website.  It’s one of the best and fastest ways to get new business, especially if you’re starting out as a new business, because it can drive traffic to your business overnight.

With a good PPC campaign, set up with micro search keywords, ads and the right targeted settings and location and a well optimized related landing page, you can’t lose with Adwords or Bing Ads.

How Does PPC Advertising Work?

PPC Example 1: So if you have a  Wichita Dog Kennel and you do doggy daycare, and your average lead (new customer) makes a profit of about $400, maybe $700 over their lifetime.  If your profit margin is 80% that means you’re willing to spend up to $50, $100 and maybe even $200 to get a new customer. If you can get 20 people to click your link in Google (or Bing) search results, and you pay let’s say $5 per click, and it takes 10 clicks to get a sale, you are spending about $70 to get a new customer. If that still leaves you profiting, then PPC advertising would work out for you.

PPC Example 2: Let’s say you are a window cleaning company in Wichita and your average customer spends about $150 over their lifetime, that means that you’re probably spending around $20-$40 dollars to get a new lead. As long as you can sell the lead (which is a call or form submission), then you are spending $20 to make $150, for which most is profit through labor.

See National & Wichita Based PPC Ad Examples

Here are some actual results and more PPC ad examples to look at. From real customers over time.

What A Good PPC Campaign or Overhaul Can Do For Sales

Here are some real examples of statistics from previous PPC campaign makeovers or new accounts. See how it really works. If your a new business in Wichita and wanting to dominate the market for your industry or get a head start, PPC is a great way to do it.

wichita ppc ppc example


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