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The top 3 local map listings that appear during a Google search for a local business are imperative for getting new sales. Right now, Google maps is one of the quickest and most cost effective ways for a business to to get found.

Google maps is now responsible for about 50% of all local business traffic and leads.

With the right knowledge, you can rank a Wichita business in local 3 pack maps very quickly, beating competition that has pre-existed for years.

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Call and talk to someone, we can give advice and answers over the phone along with close to exact price quotes. No pressure tactics, no cheesy salespeople, low overhead and super affordable prices.

You Can Also Get Listed In Apple Maps

Getting listed in Apple Maps is important too. Most businesses and even SEO professionals don’t think to do this, so there is low hanging fruit opportunity.

As of May 2017, over 80% of average mobile device searches are coming from iPhones, over 30% of the people using iPhones are using Apple Maps to search for businesses. Getting your business found in Apple Maps is becoming important.

Apple is coming out with a system that is going to be a big challenge to Google Maps, and it’s coming soon. If you are a Wichita business and want to get found in Apple Maps, here is an article on how to get listed in Apple Maps.

May 2017 – Apple just teamed with Yelp.  Now Yelp listed businesses show up during Apple Maps searches for people on iphones. You should still register your Apple Map listing through an Apple ID account though.

Google Map Optimization – Real Customer Results – DOUBLE Your Monthly Leads

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