Local SEO Packages & Services For Wichita Businesses

Local SEO means getting a company ranked in their target city, and possibly the surrounding cities that they serve. It’s generally used by shops or offices that want to advertise and get more of their customers from the local area or same city that their office or shop is in.

We do local SEO for Wichita businesses. We have dozens of proven results in just 30 days for the average local service based business. Busy businesses in busy areas such as competing shops on Kennedy can require a little more effort.

See this article on how long it should take for SEO to work.

How Long Does It Take To Get Results?

Depends on the city size and competition level. A personal injury law firm would be hard in almost any city, while a personal training studio would be easy in most small cities and only medium difficulty in a big city like Wichita.

If you call, we can usually give a voice quote over the phone of a close estimate on time and effort.

Have Questions About Local SEO? Call (316) 247-1923

We’ll provide advice and consulting to groups or enhance your current marketing staff’s knowledge.  We also offer the following..

  • Local Organic Small Business SEO Consulting
  • Local Map Ranking SEO Consulting
  • Local Map Training
  • Local SEO Training
  • Local SEO Services
  • Local Map Ranking Services

It varies in price based on the industry and target population. But below is a general view. We have plenty of results and statistics we can show in person. We use legitimate, long lasting SEO tactics that are extremely effective.

In some cases we can beat the existing competition in months, depending on the amount invested in the service, almost any industry can develop long lasting SEO ranking in a short period of time.

Call (316) 247-1923 With Questions

We always answer the phone, no machines or cheesy sales people working on commission. Talk directly to someone who is honest and knows what they are talking about.

Fast Local Ranking

$1,200per month
  • See a noticeable increase in traffic, views and calls in just 3 months. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Very Fast Local Ranking

$2,000per month
  • See an impressive increase in traffic, views and calls within 3 months. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Note: The SEO work is residual. If we increase leads by 20%, you continue getting that 20% even after the service is over, month after month, possibly even for years. SEO gains like muscle.. it’s hard to gain but once gained it is easy to maintain. You can stop whenever you like with no loss to what you have gained, our results speak for themselves and we have a LOT of them.

We keep a transparent open book policy and will answer the phone EVERY time you call, no matter what it is. Get real reports and an online portal to see your own results at any time logged on a daily basis. You get to visually see your rankings go up so there is no doubt it is working.

We’ve dealt with over 500 different industries and over 2,000 different customers, we are pretty good at guessing the time it will take to rank based on the investment amount, the industry and target area (city or cities). Call for a quote or to ask whatever you want to know.

Examples Of Competitive vs Non-Competitive Industries

Small Business Competitive or
Large Business
Mom n’ Pop Shops Law Firms
Boutique Stores Jail Bondsman
Auto Detailing Restaurants
Hair Salons Hotels
Singing Lessons Auto Repair
Farmers Markets Furniture Store
Interior Designer Auto Dealer
Liquor Store (surprisingly easy) Home Remodeling
Kids Parks Doctors Offices
Smoke Shops Dental Offices
Pet Stores Cosmetic Surgery
Pawn Shops Laser Eye Care
Parasailing Insurance
Bridal Shop Self Storage


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Fewer clients, more personal attention. We’ve put it down on paper. 😉 We have a non-compete agreement. We won’t do local SEO for anyone in the Wichita if we are already ranking that same service in that same city.