How To Build Proper Backlinks & Keyword Ratio

Funny Story – How George Bush was ranked “Worlds Biggest Failure”

George bush got ranked for world’s biggest failure because years ago Google counted the link text (part of a link that you can click on) the big factor in getting rank for a keyword.

So someone got thousands of links across the internet from various blogs, forums and other websites that looked like this worlds biggest failure and all the links pointed to George Bush’s website. This got his site ranked #1 for the keyword worlds biggest failure.

Google Got Smarter….

Google had to get smarter about how they ranked keywords. Anyone with a thousand sudden links to a particular website was obviously using automated methods and now gets a red flag instead.

Long story short, there is a link ratio we now should follow when trying to get hundreds of links to rank a keyword.

The Secret Link Ratio

The keyword: buy tylenol

The link ratio would be about like this…

Spelled out…

  • 2 links that have the keywords we want to get found for
  • 2 different variations of generic links
  • 1 variation of synonyms for the keywords we want to get found for
  • 40% of the backlinks around the net should point to the homepage (

Now it appears as if the links were human generated. You never want to have ALL the links going to the homepage using the same link text and landing page.

Piggyback Link Building

  • We look at the top 10 listings for a keyword we want to get found for in Google and do a backlink report on them. We export that report to excel and then spend time going through every one of the competitors backlinks, and when possible, we get a backlink for ourselves that is even better optimized than our competitors

What the heck does this mean for you?

Using a health supplement company as an example…

  1. You need a managed blog, Facebook & twitter accounts for all websites
  2. Run a successful Facebook advertising campaign with image ads (a professional lead generation Facebook landing page)
  3. Start doing on-page SEO for your company along with a link building and reputation repair plan.
  • On-Page SEO
        • Involves manual research for keywords for every product
        • Unique title, description, heading 1 & 2 on each product detail page
  • Link Building
        • Involves getting links from other reputable sites to link to you
        • Creating and sending press releases
        • Buying domains for mini sites like
        • Posting in forums, blogs and directories related to health
        • Scanning competitor backlinks and piggybacking off their links
  • Reputation Repair
      • Involves Google ranking for your own name brand to the point that you push all negative feedback down to the third page of search results

Truth Behind REAL Backlinking

Backlinks come naturally when you have something amazing and great to say.

Something that is educational, interesting or inspiring. When the content you produce on your blog is actually valuable to the people you are telling it to, that’s when real backlinks come. That is when you become a real industry authority company or entity.

A website should actually never need a back-linking campaign. If you build it, they will come.

Guest Blogging – Is It Worth It?

It’s beneficial, for sure, to get a good link from a valid blog that provides real information to people. But Google just made this post in May of 2017 on Guest blogging that states it’s being overdone.

it is much more beneficial to create quality content on your own website. Content that you can control and it will never one day disappear, like a backlink or guest post might.