2017 Best SEO Newsletters

Here is a list of the newsletter that I subscribe to, they are the best ones I have seen after a decade of being in the SEO, PPC and Conversion Rate Optimization business.

If you sign up for these and read through the archives, and keep up with new news every […]

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Social Media Booster List

Here is a list of some of the best automation tools for social media that I have seen. – Allows you to enter a keyword or a blog URL and see the top shared content around that keyword or blog, then easily re-share it to your own network. […]

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SMS Messaging HTML Code

This is how you make a ‘click to text message’ link in HTML so that people can click a number or link and it will open the text message screen on their phone to send a text message to that number.
Click To Text HTML Code
Click To Text – <a href=”sms:8135753255″>(316) […]

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Hiring A Terrible Design Company

Just this morning I saw something that sparked a tiny rage in me, so I am blogging about it.

I worked for two years for a large Health Center (that I am not going to name) in a major metropolis area. It took two years and about $26,000 of investment money […]

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Recovering Old Website Files

Ever wanted to retrieve files from the internet from an old website of yours, or someone else’s? Want to see what someone’s website used to look like? Or did your website disappear and you need to recover files that your web designer lost or because your website went down?

Use the […]

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