How Long Does It Take For SEO To Work?

A solid SEO person or company should be able to achieve noticeable results within the first three months.

SEO is gradual, and it takes time. It also depends on the amount that you’ve invested in the service and the quality of service that’s been provided.

You could put down $10,000 upfront and expect to see some amazing results in just one month and that is actually possible or you could invest $10,000 and have invested it in the wrong SEO person or company who was all talk and no game.

The average SEO company generally charges anywhere from $400 a month to $1200 a month even up to $5000 a month for some harder industries like real estate or law.

No matter what you’re paying, if reports aren’t being delivered and you’re not sure if anything is happening at the end of three months it’s a pretty good guess that you’ve put your money in the wrong basket.

  • When in doubt, don’t.
  • When in doubt, get out.

Generally for a small local business like a pet store or a home remodeling company you can expect to be actually #1 for a main search term within about six months to a year depending on the level of competition and the industry.

If the SEO company doesn’t return calls or doesn’t pick up the phone when you call or takes days to respond, that’s not good.