What Happens When You Hire An Inexperienced Web Designer

This is what happens when you hire a web designer without any SEO knowledge, or don’t have an SEO consultant to help guide the way. See more screenshots of hiring a bad design company here.

I have seen this a lot, company wants to change their website, gets all excited about a new awesome design and the designer, knowing nothing about SEO, changes the URL structure of the site or SEO tags across all pages, possibly even destroying it. After two weeks Google will probably consider the change permanent, and the business then loses all it’s ranking and almost all of it’s online sales.

I have seen a major e-commerce Pajama business lose over 80% of it’s sales, which was about $60,000 a month, in one month by switching from one designer to another one.. who promised the world and delivered a junk website that broke the business. When you have a mansion, 3 cars and a facility to run with workers to pay… it’s devastating.

I have seen an online equestrian cowboy store lose 100% of it’s business, forcing the owner in month 2 of the change, to have to get a standard job to make his bills, at Lowe’s.

I have seen a supplement company go from $30,000 a month in profit, ran by just one guy using drop shipping… to $10,000 a month in only one month after a new website change. The website, while prettier, not only destroyed the business from changing the SEO tags and link URL structure… but the prettier design was so different and harder for people to find what they wanted to make a purchase, that the conversion rate of visitors into sales also decreased.

web designer destroyed my rankings
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