Google Can Now Automatically Change Your Card On File

If your card on file has expired or changed for some reason, Google can now update it to the new card you get in the mail without the need to contact your or for you to update it yourself.

This is great because it…

  • Stops people from using up clicks, racking up a bill, and then canceling their card and getting a new one, expecting to never pay their bill
  • Eliminates the need to manually update your card if it was lost or stolen, or expired

This might be horrible if…

  • You have a large outstanding balance out there somewhere with your card on file and an active campaign, it’s going to
    A. Charge You
    B. Light that campaign up and start running it’s ads

My card had some fraud on it, and it was attached to about a dozen accounts, when I have to change my credit card on file I have to go through like 50 accounts online to make the change, it is exhausting; it would be nice if everyone did something like this. But I did go through about 20 accounts making sure my card WASN’T accidentally on file somewhere. – Thomas Stinson

Below Is The Google Billing Card Change Notice

google auto billing card update