Getting Listed in Apple Maps

As of May 2017, over 80% of average mobile device searches are coming from iPhones, over 30% of the people using iPhones are using Apple Maps to search for businesses. Getting your business found in Apple Maps is becoming important.

Apple Maps is a sleeping giant. Soon, Apple is going to roll out a major change that innovates map listings for iPhone users. It would be wise to get your business listed in Apple Maps. Not forgetting to mention that Siri is rising quickly for Voice-To-Text searches and Voice Command searches, local voice searches for local businesses using Siri now is estimated by some to be about 20% of searches.

Note: If you have a Yelp Account and a Yelp Business Listing, Apple is connected to Yelp, so if someone does a search in Apple Maps, your Yelp listing will show. But it doesn’t hurt to do both. Below are the details on creating an Apple Map Listing.

What To Have Ready For Your Apple Map Listing

  • Business Name, Address & Phone Number
  • These social profile links: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp
  • Apple Pay (they ask if you use and accept Apple Pay at your business, scroll to the bottom to signup)

Note: Apple maps does NOT like answering machines or tele-prompts, it will be hard if not impossible to get your business verified with a phone number that has a tele-prompt. ¬†Also, Apple Maps won’t verify unless they can verify you really do exist, so you need to have your business already showing online with the same name, address and phone number either on Google Maps, Bing Maps or (preferably for Apple) Yelp.

Steps To Creating Your Apple Maps Business Listing Account

  1. Create an Apple ID account for the business
  2. Go here and create an Apple Business Map Account

That’s it. They take about up to 7 days to verify, and sometimes don’t even send a notice it was or was not verified. So check back after a couple days.