How To Develop & Create A Good Branding Name

Developing a good name for branding requires a lot more thought and time than you might think. Now, if you want to make a small store in your small town called Jim Bob’s Bar & Grill… you probably aren’t going to need to worry about this. But if you have plans on being big time, or are in a large city and will end up getting noticed by a lot of people.. you might want to put some thought into it.

Here is where you can start. Remember these things…

  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Looks good as an icon
  • Short, one to two syllables
  • If more than one syllable, rhymes or has two matching letters at the start of the name

Hubspot an a serious in-depth guide here:

Brand Nam Examples:

  • Raising Rank (see the two R’s? rolls off the tongue)
  • Body by Douglas
  • Godaddy
  • Google
  • Zinger
  • Starbucks
  • Ikea
  • Bing
  • Cisco
  • Walmart
  • Ford

New Business Startups at Angel List

Here is a list of companies on Angel List, a website where you can post your new business or brand idea and actually find Angel Investors (people who might give you lots of money in exchange for a share in your success)

  • – look through their names and get ideas. See the graphic below. Look at what others are doing to get ideas.

developing a new branding message and name

Check To Make Sure The Domain Is Available

A lot of new domain name extensions are now available, so instead of .com, you can get .service or .live, .house or just about anything.  Of course, .com is the best… but other people are making other extensions work and so can you.

Might want to check Godaddy to make sure the domain or an abbreviation of it is available.

Check Which Usernames Are Available

This cool tool was developed by someone I knew through Godaddy. You type in the name you want, without spaces and lowercase, and see how widely available that username is at every major and most minor importance social media and blogging websites.

…make sure the lowercase username without spaces or dashes is widely available

Check The Name For Trademark

This is important if you really want to become huge, not so important for mom and pop in po-dunk town Nebraska or Kansas.

I have seen people have to change their business name and/or get lawsuit letters, you can actually end up OWING some company money you made under their business name, from the time you started your business. They send you a letter first to stop operating under their business name, if it is ignored they might send a serve notice, and then a potential lawsuit. Don’t want that!