Conversion Rate Optimization Services

At Raising Rank, we have the knowledge and experience of working in over 100 large e-commerce stores in over 30 countries, and in different languages. Did you know that just by changing a single word in a sales funnel can change a persons mind as to whether or not they will end up buying into your product or service?

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

It is the art of psychological wordsmithing and design engineering that comes together to target the right audience and persuade them to follow a desired action.

In Short: Conversion Rate Optimization is the art of selling.

How Does It Work?

It involves testing different keywords, phrases, colors, designs and graphics in the form of a 50/50 A/B test where the results are measured against each other to determine which combination is going to deliver the highest possible return for a website or article of content, like a newsletter.

Here are some examples of real life scenarios:

Scheduling Software Plans – 16% Lift

A scheduling software company that makes $4M per month takes their ‘See Our Plans’ page and we test placing a ‘Most Popular’ label across the top right corner of 3rd most expensive plan.

After one month, we compare that statistics of tracked leads to the previous month and previous year for that plan. There is a 16% lift in conversions/sales for that particular plan on average after comparison. More people are buying the higher priced plan than ever before in the company history, all because of a little sticker that says “Most Popular”.

McDonalds Word Test – 436% Difference

Check out this test done by a major A/B testing company on McDonalds, to find out if “Read More” or “Find Out More” brought better rates of return. One of them beat the other by 436% in a fair split test.

Testosterone Graphic Test – 10% Difference

A testosterone therapy clinic has pictures of old men in golf outfits and sterile hostpital doctors and doctor rooms as graphics and pictures all over their website. We do a split test after much debate and convincing to let us test pictures of middle aged happy men with beautiful women. The site after the test saw a 10% lift in their conversion ratio. Same traffic amount, 10% more people are becoming leads.

It’s because we appealed to the dream, instead of the condition. Many people use graphics and pictures that appeal to the condition instead of the desired outcome. When you appeal to the dream, you lead the crowd.

Value Of Conversion Rate Experience

By hiring the right company with a history of testing experience, many of the expensive tests you might have gone through could be avoided. The value of hiring a conversion rate optimization experienced company is nearly invaluable when deciding on a new design or building out a new company. It’s easy to make a design that looks pretty, it takes senior knowledge, experience and psychological intelligence to create a masterful design that SELLS people.