Social Media Booster List

Here is a list of some of the best automation tools for social media that I have seen.

http://buzzsumo.com/ – Allows you to enter a keyword or a blog URL and see the top shared content around that keyword or blog, then easily re-share it to your own network.
https://revive.social/plugins/revive-old-post/ […]

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Google Search Quality Guidelines

There is general SEO and then there is REAL SEO. Real SEO goes way past optimizing a web page or just changing some content or links. And even then, in the depths of SEO, there is still the art of mixing well written content with psychology and writing using the […]

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Press Releases Websites List

Press releases are great for helping with Google ranking as they provide good inbound links, help deliver more website traffic and build trust between your business and visitors.

Press Release Tips

Keep it under one page
Educate instead of sell
Include contact information
Use different information for different press release […]

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Landing Page Design Tips

Landing Page Design Tips
This landing page is for a busy business owner or dealer manager who does not have time in his day to browse around, wait for graphics to load or be scrolling down pages. They want to know information in this order: How it benefits them, what are […]

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Why People Leave A Website

DESIGN IS #1 – Outdated or ‘iffy’, untrustworthy design

Derek Halpern developed a study that showed having an updated new age design was the #1 factor is converting a lead into a sale.
Content is fluffy or difficult to read

The site can’t be hardly read on a mobile […]

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