Create A Good Branding Name

Developing a good name for branding requires a lot more thought and time than you might think. Now, if you want to make a small store in your small town called Jim Bob’s Bar & Grill… you probably aren’t going to need to worry about this. But if you have […]

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Discovering Your Brand Identity & Goals

Discovering Your Brand Identity & Goals
Here is a nice checklist for anyone wanting to discover what their brand goals and identity are. How to sell yourself online and what you need to know in order to help sell yourself or your company.

The Basics

Email Accounts

For website […]

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Building Online Website Credibility

Building Online Website Credibility
Here is a small list of well researched things you should have and keep updated in order to get the maximum results from an e-commerce website. The more you do of this, the more  sales you get; the less you do, the less sales you get. The % importance is my guesstimate.

About us […]

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Brand Discovery Strategy & Planning

Brand Discovery Strategy & Planning
You do not have a ‘brand’, until you have a name that people ‘buy into’.  A brand is when people are willing to pay extra to buy your offering over another, just because they love, trust and respect the value you have placed in their minds […]

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