Advertise Your Business Online At Wichita News Websites

Advertise your business online in Wichita news websites. It takes a couple days to have ads created in the top sizes, and you could be advertising in the top local news websites within a week. Reach and get seen by thousands or tens of thousands of people who watch the Wichita News on their phones or on their computers.

Reasons To Advertise In Wichita News Sites

  • Get your brand noticed
  • Get more sales, leads or sign-ups
  • Increase credibility
  • Look like a bigger company
  • Attract bigger fish
  • Advertise for a big event

There are over a dozen local news sites that get anywhere from 1,000 visitors per month to 200 Million per month or more. We’ve made it one flat fee.

How Much Does Advertising On Wichita News Sites Cost?

It’s extremely inexpensive. It depends on the size of the campaign you are looking for but can range from $400/mo to $1,200/mo. That includes a premium set of the top image ad designs. You can see some of our own creations for image ads here.

You can expect to have your ad shown tens of thousands of time or more. We deliver performance reports and include conversion/lead tracking in case you need to track sign-ups or form submissions, etc.. We’ll know how well it is working or at least have some idea of it’s effect. Unlike other forms of advertising like newspapers and magazines or flyers, it is much easier to track the results with this form of online advertising.

What Do These Business Ads Look Like?

remarketing image advertising wichita