Design, SEO & PPC Full Pricing List

Different companies and people charge different amounts and provide different styles or quality. Most people will want to have a consultation and negotiation or some lengthy back and forth sales process. Here are our prices, plain and simple. For graphic design work they remain the same. For SEO and Local map ranking or PPC advertising it can vary based on industry and target population.

Want to see a giant list by industry for monthly SEO service? Here it is.

Price Time Estimate Notes
Design Items
Logo $600.00 3-7 Days Premium new age logo design, unlimited revisions
Business Cards $200.00 1 Days Premium business card design, front and back; includes multiple people within reason
Stationary $200.00 2 Days Letterhead, envelope, postcard, pen
Shirt $400.00 3 Days Awesome custom t-shirt/polo design
Trifold/Brochure $400.00 3 Days
Menu Design $600.00 3 Days
Top 4 Display Ads $200.00 4 Days Design for the top 4 popular ad sizes for display and remarketing advertising in Google
All 16 Display Ads $800.00 7 Days Design for all 16 sizes for display and remarketing advertising in Google
Social Media Headers $600.00 7 Days All the header images in all the right sizes for all the top social media sites; Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etsy, Angel List, Linkedin, Foursquare
Homepage Banner $600.00 2 Days
“Ready to Go”¬†Small Business Website $1,300.00 14 Days A premium pre-made responsive, mobile and desktop friendly wordpress theme fully made; includes logo design/revision, unlimited revisions, custom header image, form and up to 10 pages
Small E-Commerce Store $2,400.00 30 Days Small little stores under 100 products
Large E-Commerce Store $5,900.00 60 Days Stores with hundreds or thousands of products
Brand Identity Combo $2,800.00 10 Days Includes everything for small business startup; logo, biz cards, stationary, shirt, social media banners and small business website
Custom WordPress Design $4,000.00 30 Days Premium custom wordpress theme design, includes logo, unlimited revisions and total premium graphic design of all pages
Proposal Design $1,000.00 7 Days High end, sleek and intelligent proposal for contract work design
Content Writing & Wordsmithing
Single Service/Location Page $100.00 1 Hrs Writing a single page designed to sell a single service to to a single location
10 Location/Same Service Pages $875.00 10 Hrs Developing a directory for locations around the same service to target multiple locations; each page is unique from the other
Topic/FAQ Article $100.00 1 Hrs A premium single article covering a frequently asked question or topic
Brand Message Development $500.00 9 Hrs Developing the absolute best brand messaging and sell statements; unique identifier for the company
Brochure/Trifold Writing $250.00 5 Hrs
Menu Writing $1,000.00 12 Hrs Menu writing for a restaurant or salon; includes titles and descriptions of items
E-Commerce SEO (per product) $37.50
SEO Blueprint $1,000.00 3 Days A total plan for the navigation, site structure, content articles, services/sub-services and location targeting
Blog Writing For Links (per post) $12.50 Writing linked articles at free blogging websites
SEO Setup $300.00 Google analytics, Google webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tools professional setup
Google, Bing & Apple Maps Setup $500.00 7 Days Professional setup, optimization and consulting on reaching target market and optimization practices, review coaching, trade secrets
15 Top Social Profiles $500.00 3 Days 15 top social profiles completely filled out manually and optimized and linked together
50 Top Social Profiles $1,000.00 7 Days 50 top social profiles completely filled out manually and optimized and linked together
100 Top Free Business Directories $1,000.00 7 Days 100 top free directories completely filled out manually and optimized
50 Top Free Business Directories $550.00 3 Days 50 top free directories completely filled out manually and optimized
300+ Custom Directories $2,500.00 30 Days Manual creation of business directories from researched competitor lists, all done with intelligent SEO and american, talented detail
PPC Campaigns
Small PPC Campaign Setup $1,000.00 Monthly
Large PPC Campaign Setup $2,000.00 Monthly
Small PPC Campaign Management $500.00 Monthly
Large PPC Campaign Management $1,000.00 Monthly
Display Advertising Campaign $500.00
Remarketing Campaign $500.00
Websit Speed Optimization $1,250.00 7 Days Optimize the critical rendering path, images, files, query strings and code to get a guaranteed above 90 score in Page Speed Insights
Office/Staff Photography $500.00
Branding Photography $500.00
Ultimate Online Advertising Package $22,000.00 Full custom website, site speed above 90 in mobile and desktop guaranteed, logo, stationary, shirts and gear, all content writing and social media banners and profiles, all business directories; PPC, display and remarketing campaigns + branding and office photography; all small, medium and large cities in the target metro area; contract/proposal design and writing