Hiring A Terrible Design Company

Just this morning I saw something that sparked a tiny rage in me, so I am blogging about it.

I worked for two years for a large Health Center (that I am not going to name) in a major metropolis area. It took two years and about $26,000 of investment money […]

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Recovering Old Website Files

Ever wanted to retrieve files from the internet from an old website of yours, or someone else’s? Want to see what someone’s website used to look like? Or did your website disappear and you need to recover files that your web designer lost or because your website went down?

Use the […]

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Dogs Bark Because They Are Afraid

Why do dogs bark? Because they are afraid.

I recently had a client who was getting a lot of threats from an angry customer. The client had gone way overboard on the project, being ‘too’ nice and doing extra work he wasn’t paid to do, and neglected to tell his customer […]

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Using The Word FREE

Should you use the word FREE in your advertising ads? The word FREE used to be a proven age old tactic that drove in the sales, but Americans have gotten used to it.

The word FREE…

Brings in the garbage customers
Places a 0% value on what you are offering (unless […]

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Facebook vs Google Advertising

Google PPC Adwords advertising just changed it’s look and interface, and automatically is switching people to it, they have the option to switch back, for now. I personally don’t like it, even though it has new features, it’s bulky looking and not as easy to read from an overview, it’s […]

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