Tampa Online Image Ad & Display Advertising Service

An online advertising campaign allows…

  • Show image ads to customers in specific targeted locations and/or zip codes
  • Promote your latest blog posts on websites like CNN or Tampa Bay News, Fox and Youtube
  • Promote an upcoming event or seminar

Image & Display Advertising Ad Examples

Here are some image advertising designs we have done for other Tampa businesses and other national customers. Image advertising also comes in the form of ‘remarketing’, which is where you can tag the computer or phone that someone used to find your site, and then show ads only to that person as they browse the internet. See our Tampa Remarketing Service page.

remarketing ad examples tampa

Who Can Do Display Advertising?

  • Small businesses who simply want to  advertise in their city
  • News sites that want to advertise new news
  • Large businesses that want to promote new products or services

Example: A new donut shop in Tampa wants to advertise their grand opening, so they hire us to display image advertisements in South Tampa only. Image ads then show up on popular websites and blogs at random to visitors who are specifically located only in South Tampa.

Example Of Local Tampa Display Advertising Ad on Fox News

In the below website advertisement, you can see a donut shop in Tampa advertising locally to people in the Tampa area. It only shows to people who are in Tampa, and it shows to people who visit websites where ads appear, which is usually through Youtube, CNN, News websites, blogs, forums and directories, etc… you can advertise strictly to specific groups of sites or categories too. See this article on Advertising To Tampa News Websites.

This is one of the least expensive advertising methods with the highest return on the internet. Talk about a branding opportunity.

See example of a local Tampa business, the Little Donut House, advertising below.

remarketing image advertising tampa